RegPH sample program do not create any entry in the index

Oct 25, 2010 at 5:11 PM


Using VS2008, I have compiled the protocol handler "RegPH" (The version which is in Windows Search SDK). It seems to work but do not create any entry in the index (Running on Windows Vista French, latest updates installed). Compilation went 100% OK. The protocol handler and shell folder are installed and apparently working fine.

I have looked at the eventlog and found a warning saying the content source <reg://{s-1-5-21-1259595494-1951413687-3429671250-1000}/> is not accessible (Exact message is in french because I use a localized Windows Vista). Event ID is 3036. Error code is 0x80040d07.

Maybe it is a permission problem. I have no idea about solving that issue.

Any help appreciated.